Author: James Beyda

Flash Sales: What’s the Deal?

With careful planning, flash sales have the potential to drive sales, attract and convert new customers and create brand awareness.

Kickstarter Creator Resource Guide

There are may variables to consider when launching a Kickstarter campaign, among them choosing your backend and rewards fulfillment partnerships.

Free Returns are on PayPal for the Holidays

PayPal is going to make the holiday season a lot sweeter for customers and retailers with PayPal Return Shipping on Us, offering free returns to customers.

Building Crowdfunding Communities with Jamey Stegmaier

Maybe you’re thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign – where do you start? There are a hundred websites and guides which count down the steps to successful crowdfunding, but what about the abstracts, such as building community and engaging with them?

Creator Hangouts: Don Moyer and Lynnette Kelley of Calamityware

After running 10 successful Kickstarters, we think it’s pretty safe to say that Don Moyer of Calamityware is something of an expert in running a crowdfunding campaign or two.

Shopify and Facebook Introduce the Shop Section

Have an online store through Shopify? How about a Facebook Page for your business? Well then, it’s your lucky day as Shopify and Facebook have teamed up to announce another exciting development in e-commerce we feel our customers can benefit from: the Shop section.