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Kickstarter Fulfillment: Here’s How To Choose The Right One For You!

Deciding on the right fulfillment center is never easy. Trying to compare pricing, services, and capabilities between various order fulfillment companies can be downright bewildering! Add a timeline-constricting crowdfunding campaign into the mix, and things can get pretty overwhelming. Sal Briggman of CrowdCrux decided to spend some time with us and get to the bottom of Kickstarter fulfillment. His excellent podcast has been a valuable resource for crowdfunding creators from the novice to the Kickstarter expert. He chronicles the trends, …

Surprising Kickstarter Fulfillment Tips, Services, and Resources

Running a Kickstarter campaign means a lot of marketing, videos, and interaction with your backers. It also means making sure your fulfillment is being handled right by experienced professionals. To shed some light on the subject, as well as offer resources, websites, and some tips and tricks of the industry, we sat down with Sal Briggman of CrowdCrux  for a Q&A all about fulfillment. He is the expert on Kickstarter, and has been sharing his expertise and experience with all of you …

Got My Back(er)? Do I Need To Back My Friend’s Kickstarter Project?

You know the scenario. Your friend Juan sends you an email asking you to back his new project on Kickstarter. It’s this really cool, incredible new board game. At least that’s what Juan says. You click on over to his campaign and, mmmm…nah. It really does not look like something you’d ever open, much less play. Besides, you’re feeling pretty tight these days, what with all the money you just spent running your own Kickstarter campaign. Oh, wait. Juan backed …

Kickstarter Creator Resource Guide

There are may variables to consider when launching a Kickstarter campaign, among them choosing your backend and rewards fulfillment partnerships.

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The Importance of Finding Partners Before Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign

While running a crowdfunding campaign may just seem like promoting a page for a few weeks, there are a multitude of details that can be overlooked and quickly turn your project from seemingly successful to a headache in a matter of moments.