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How Shopify Got To The Top – And Stays There

  Apple. Google. Shopify. Meteoric rises in today’s on-demand, tech-connected world are legendary. They need to understand customer needs, not just for today, but for what’s coming tomorrow. These companies get it. They get what their users want, and they were way ahead of the pack with providing for those needs. When it comes to e-commerce, and now m-commerce, the same principles apply. Online shopping is exploding across the globe, and has been for several years now. Amazon is the …

How to Add a Gift Message Option to Your Shopify Checkout Page

Give your customers every option available to make their shopping experience better, such as being able to send personalized gifts to anyone, anywhere.

Shopify and Facebook Introduce the Shop Section

Have an online store through Shopify? How about a Facebook Page for your business? Well then, it’s your lucky day as Shopify and Facebook have teamed up to announce another exciting development in e-commerce we feel our customers can benefit from: the Shop section.

Pinterest, Shopify & You: The “Buy It” Button

Have you been marketing your products on Pinterest? If not, now’s the time to start thinking seriously about it, with the introduction of the new “Buy it” button.