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Three Ways to Talk to Customers About Weather Delays

Remember when snowdays and blizzard warnings brought shouts of joy and smiles to our faces? As kids, it meant one important thing: “school’s out!” We’d build snowmen on the front lawn and engage in snowball warfare until our mittens were soaked through and we couldn’t feel our toes. As responsible adults, snow means digging out the car and thinking about maybe skipping the commute today and calling in sick. If you have a business that counts on transportation running smoothly, …

Two Ways Your Ecommerce Store Can Win More Customers

To understand how you can generate more conversions despite competition, you have to first breakdown the elements of your competition. Why their visitors are turning into buyers. Product quality. They claim to have a better product. Solution:  Your competitor’s product may be better. Or it may not be. Their statement may be factual, or it may be just a claim. Obviously if you can acquire yur competitor’s product you can do your own evaluation. Very possibly you’ll find flaws that …

Fulfillrite announces its new partnership with Skubana

We’re very excited about partnering with Skubana, the platform used by more high sellers than any other. It’s one more way we’re keeping our commitment to help you build your business in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. The Skubana platform solves the problem of your business disconnect. You no longer have to worry about your shipping software not communicating inventory properly with your marketplaces or sales channels. Or your purchasing software not communicating with your inventory software. …

How to Create Conversions without Content

Content is king. Not so if you have no reason to deliver content. If you’re selling one item it’s difficult to provide a flow of content that is relevant to your product and of value to the recipient. Most likely impossible over a period of time. So what strategy do you use to sell your one item? Or, even a few? Price? Unless you have an absolute, US government guaranteed and certified exclusivity on an item that has absolutely no …

How to Target Your Best Customer without Targeting for Higher Conversion Ratings

Not all women age 34, with 2 kids, college degree, earning $70,000, living in a suburb of Chicago are alike. Obviously. Their needs, wants, values, attitudes, self -mages, opinions, interests, hobbies and style of cooking can be different. Very different. Knowing the facts above about your customer is knowing their demographics. The resources mentioned in previous blogs will help you find that information. The second grouping falls under the heading of Psychographics. Psychographics delivers deeper insights into your customer’s lifestyle …

Three Strategies for Ecommerce Success using YouTube Videos

Be the Expert Many viewers turn to YouTube for advice. If you’re selling a service this is a natural way to gain visibility and build trust. If you have chosen your key words properly, viewers searching for advice will find your video. Your task is not to sell directly but to provide actionable solutions to their problems. They are looking to you for guidance and useful information. Deliver it and you are well on your way to building a client …

The Journey of the Humble Pallet

It seems like these days, one can’t visit a Pinterest page or blog without seeing 100 DIY pallet projects. But what DIYers forget is that pallet was built for a specific use and a journey around the world before being repurposed into a stylish coffee table.

Build Customer Relationships with Loyalty Programs

It’s not easy bringing in a new customer – and keeping them engaged and coming back is key to growing your business. But how can you leverage those newcomers into repeat customers? Many retailers look to reward their customers with a loyalty program.

eCommerce Tips for Valentine’s Day

Spending for the Valentine’s Day 2016 season is expected to reach $18.9 billion in overall sales, up $1.6 billion – Cupid is not messing around! How can your business leverage Valentine’s Day’s spirit of romantic giving into sales?