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How do I make my own barcode labels?

When it’s time for your ecommerce business to send products, you will need barcodes. Barcodes allow order fulfillment services to ship your products efficiently and error-free. These mysterious strings of bars and spaces may seem complicated at a glance. Fortunately, making barcode labels is easy and you can design them for free online.

Simply follow these instructions and we’ll show you how to make your own barcodes!


Video Tutorial



1. Go to Avery’s website and create an account.

2. Under Projects, click Start a New Project.

3. On the top left, click YouPrint.


4. Choose a template based on the labels you have available. Otherwise, any blank rectangular label will be fine. One good option is Template 5160, under “Address & Shipping Labels.” Make your selection. If you want a specific color like white or clear, you can select by the “Color” column on the right.

5. The first option the next page is a blank label. Click Select this Design.


6. In the menu on the left, click More.

7. Click QR and Barcodes.


8. For the Industry Standard Format field, choose Code 128.


9. Click Create.

10. Enter your SKU where it says Enter alphanumeric and special characters.

11. Click Finish.

12. Enlarge the barcode by pulling on a corner. Be careful not to go beyond the Safety Area.

13. Click Preview & Print on the bottom right of your screen.

14. Click Save on the top right.

15. Name your project and save.

16. You’re ready to print!