Request Pricing and More Information

Our pricing is divided into two categories: 1. Fulfillment fees.  2. Postage.FULFILLMENT FEES:   Fulfillment fees include your cost for picking and packing of your orders, storage, and monthly account maintenance. These fees are based on volume of orders per month, and can vary, depending on the fulfillment solution you need.

POSTAGE:   Postage fees are the charges for the actual shipping. These rates are determined by the method of shipping you choose, as well as weight and dimensions of the shipments themselves. We can give you estimated shipping rates once we know the weight and dimensions of the products you need fulfilled.

The more details we have about your product, the more accurate the Postage Rate Estimate will be. For example, if the items will need to be boxed or put into a mailer, the shipping rates can change considerably. Include that information, as well as size and weight of the products themselves.


Here are the basics of what you pay for and what is included in your account. While we try to simplify the pricing, each customer and each project differs slightly, so we offer consultations on pricing and options, as well as custom pricing for our customers.

What You Pay For: Monthly account maintenance fee
Storage based on amount of space used
Pick and Pack fee for each shipped order
Outer corrugated boxes when necessary
Shipping costs – Postage
Packing supplies
Optional services and add-ons like kitting, parcel insurance, and marketing inserts.

What You Never Pay For:
Receiving fees for inbound inventory
Address verification service
Integrations with shopping carts, shipping software, and crowdfunding software
Online customer dashboard
Inventory management and shipping software solutions
Personal, dedicated customer support
Account set-up
Shipping calculator